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Jewish Corp! Limuvia - 50

("Postimees" Tartu 3/11/1933) - translated M.R.

Limuvia - 50

On Thursday, 2 oct. was 50 years since the establishment of the Tartu jewish corporation. The celebrations of the event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 4. and 5. of November and will start with a speech-day in the "Bürgermüsse” hall.

From the 14 "Limuvia" founders only 5 are alive - dr. Adolf Krüger from Riga, dr. med. Salomon Kalmanowitch from Riga, dr. Herman Shumacher from Anyksciai (Lithuania), dr. med. Adolph Woloshinsky from Riga, dr. Hermann Wunderbar from Bendery (Rumania), all of them are expected in Tartu for the jubilee celebrations.

Currently corp. Limuvia has around 70 members and 261 graduates. The chairman (Senior) is currently med. stud. S. Salzmann, his deputy jur. stud. D. Pasternak and the secretary A. Kahn.

Many graduates and guests from Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Warsaw are expected for celebrations.

Limuvia - 50 Salzmann Pasternak Kan

Left to right: Shmuel Salzmann, David Pasternak, Aleksander Kan

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