eja Holokaust

Telling the sad truth...

A letter from Mrs Zenja Tanagos from Helsinki to Sofia Sawadi (Liebermann) in Jerusalem,


February 21st, 1950

My dear and beloved girl Sofachka,

I finally received your letter. We are so glad to learn that you’re in good health and that you have a little daughter. I’d love to see her, and we are awaiting her picture as promised.

Variachka, unfortunately, is not as well as we expected.

What can I tell you to comfort you about the fate of your parents who were killed so brutally?

Last year I met the Renning family in Stockholm. You probably remember them from Reval. They told me that they saw your parents only twice during the German occupation of Reval.

The first time he met your mother on the street. She was wearing a Jewish star and she looked lost. She had already been to a psychiatric clinic a few times. Six months later he met both your parents. Your dad whispered to him that there’s something wrong with Ida’s nerves. He told them that they should leave as soon as possible - but they did not believe him or maybe they did not have enough time to do it.

Liebermanns But he confirmed that your mother and father were in the group which was taken to be shot. The group had older and younger people. They kept their spirits high and were singing national songs. It’s extremely hard to tell you all that, but this is how it had happened.

Liebermanns Uncle Sasha and I were in real agony when we learned about the sad fate of our good friends. We’re also sorry about your sad circumstances, and we’ll try to help you the best we can. In March or April we will be in Paris, and then we will try to do something for you, our dear Sofachchka.


Uncle Sasha and I kiss you and your little daughter. Be well and don’t lose courage. All your life is ahead of you.

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